The Power of Expectation and Belief - The Placebo

The master of Self-Hypnosis was a French pharmacist and psychologist, called Emile Coue. He was around in the 1930s, a time of World Economic Depression. It was also a time when many Self Development and Mind Enhancing programmes were introduced to the world to give people a sense of hope.

Emile Coue noticed that when he gave his patients a prescription if he said ‘Take the Medicine and You Will Get Better’ they seemed to respond very well to the medication. THE POWER OF EXPECTATION.

From this realisation Coue devised a very famous mantra of affirmation. He suggested that as people went to sleep at night they should listen to the ticking of their bedside clocks and repeat to themselves

Hour By Hour

Day By Day

My Life

Is Getting Better

In Every Way.

Even the most cynical and sceptical found this did work for them as they were going to sleep with a positive expectation rather than with fear and dread of what the new day would bring. Tapping into positive thought patterns and good expectations.

So the forerunner of the PLACEBO EFFECT.

Since then medical science has based research on Coue’s findings. At the University of Illinois researchers found that if they asked patients with serious illness or pain to talk to their medication with the expectation that it would make them well, they achieved significant results.

A BBC Horizon programme shown earlier this year proved the POWER OF EXPECTATION again in the ‘Can a Placebo Make You Cycle Faster’

All fascinating in terms of what we believe we can conceive. Whilst we are bound to feel pain and discomfort if we have a physiological illness, there will be an element of how we can overcome or deal with it, if we can stay mentally strong with a positive outlook.

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